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Interesting Fandom Meme

My friend Valerie (petit_moose) showed me this on her journal and I think it would be cool to post this thing on my LJ too, even though I barely post here these days. Ahaha I love my newer blog on my new main webpage. :D


I'll list ten fandoms from books, movies, and TV shows (yay, a combo), and those on my friends list get to guess which characters are my most favorites.

I'll put a strike-through on the fandom, along with putting up the character as well as the one who guessed correctly.

Some certain fandoms will not be listed because I know a few on here will be able to figure out my favorites really easily. :P

-Animorphs books by K.A. Applegate (This is no doubt one of my most favorite book series for years now, and I still have every book! There's a few characters I consider as my top 3 favorites.)

- Once Upon a Time (Val guessed 2 out of the 5 right! Hook and Rumpelstiltskin/Mr. Gold. 3 more to go!)

- The Resident Evil novels by S.D. Perry (5 favorites, including 2 of S.D. Perry's original RE characters!)

- Grimm (There's a few characters I like a lot in this show, and one of them is still a very new main character...)

- the EverWorld book series by K.A. Applegate (2 favorites!)

- The Shrek movies (Val guessed it; Puss in Boots! 8D)

- Kaze No Stigma anime (Just one favorite character. He's awesome, and I've RP'd as him before!)

- The Ice Age movies (Val guessed right on both; Diego and Scrat!)

- Darker Than Black, the first season (I know I have most of this anime's episodes on DVD, and there are two characters I like from this series a lot)

-Disney's Frozen (Val guessed one right; Elsa. There's one other character I love most in this movie.)

Posting again since forever... :P

I'm still alive! Just been really busy making my music! I've been into music making for over ten years. I became an instrumentalist since the summer of 2001. Out of the blue, a few months back, I just wanted to do that again, and I'm so glad I did. I'm developing more into the start of being a songwriter and singer even!

Here's a couple of pages for you to check out: My spot on and My awesome NEW main website

You'll know more by visiting either of those pages. :) You'll know what I've been up to, and if you want, sign up to post on my site's forum. ;)

Now that I've said all that, it's time for me to post the real reason I'm really updating after such a long while. I agreed with my AIM/LJ buddy Valerie (petit_moose) for us to share one of two versions of this amusing song that's about this online game I've played a few times, called Plants VS Zombies. It's a really cute game! Go on to try it out.

This song is just adorable and so amusing. Valerie likes the animated version more, while I really like the live action version--I am more amused over the live action. Just think of this as some belated Halloween silliness, or something like that.

First, a few my OC Mari has been in:

Mari first meeting Once Upon a Time's Captain Hook AKA Killian Jones. Completed. It doesn't end well but all in all this went on for about a week and it's an awesome scene! A few amusing parts are in this too.

Mari meets and befriends Elsa from Disney's Frozen! This one is still on-going. It's adorable in places, and dramatic (and sad) in other places. They have quite a bit in common and they're going to be BFFs. I just know it. ^_^

Mari meets L Lawliet for the second time ever. She's already great friends with a Mello. :D

A few fave scenes my Dean Winchester muse has been in:

AU Dean, one version of him I RP as, first meeting AU Nathan Petrelli I think this one's almost finished. There's an amusing start to this.

Dean and !Crazy Castiel Completed! Gotta love Crazy Cas!

The same AU Dean I RP with the Sam/Nathan person first meet Mari Broderick Such good drama in this... that, and a big dose of brain-breakage!

Annnd have some more I really, really like...

Steve Piranha Plant's first ever Dear Mun post

Steve and AU Captain Jack Harkness So cute! XD

A really good scene with my AU Peter Petrelli and AU Caitlin McKenna

Good brotherly times with AU Peter and his brother Nathan.

Yeah it's been months...

I've been so sucked into LJ RP again. I've found a few awesome buddies to do it with (and I just added one's main account back just now), and I put together some new muse accounts.

Emma Coolidge (Heroes, season 4) colorful_sounds

Anri Sonohara (Durarara!!) rejects_love

Inaudible Thwomp (Mario Bros./Bowser's Kingdom) inaudiblethwomp

Jill Valentine (I RP'd as her before, post Resident Evil 3 once before. Now she's back and canon updated more or less to after Resident Evil 5) tvirus_savedher

I think I might want to spiff up Jill's profile page someday. Yes, I've paid attention to some of my older muses too, including my one all-time favorite OC, Mari Broderick. notasweetdream

In another post I'll link to some favorite RP scenes... and oh yeah I decided to change the look of my LJ. The custom LJ banner I put together won't load anymore! This new look fits to my profile page, so I'm content about that.

Better put the rest of this behind a cut! Lengthiness...Collapse )


Haven't been on AIM much at all this week 'cause I'm trying to finish this one chapter of Crawl today. Might not get to do that today (still quite a bit more to go) but I might get it done tomorrrow!

So I might as well say that I hope you all have a fun Halloween! lol, found this silly video a while back btw.


Random thing #1 is... I LOVE the band known as Red. Here's two songs that have been favorite songs of mine for a while now.

The second song is the main theme for my scary Death Note fanfic by the way. The song not only inspires for chapter titles by lyrics and drives a big portion of the plot but also for the story title too! "Feed the Machine" is also on this custom soundtrack I've started to put together as a playlist on my YouTube account. I'll have to announce this on the two fanfiction sites I've been posting both Collide and Crawl on very soon.

Random thing #2 is... This week, there have been a quite a few birds that have happened to fly in through the open door to my bookshop. Today included. I don't know if it's just flying in the wrong direction confused or if they're trying to be adventurous. I'm wondering if it's the latter. I wonder if the birds have all been getting together to dare each other to fly into my store. Today it took a while to get one panicky little birdie to fly back out the way he came in. He'd try to bang up against or fly through the window. (This happened I was in the middle of trying to finish Collide, chapter 13. It was a bit annoying and distracting.) I don't think he'll be ever coming back though.

Still aliiiive... ALIVE MWAHAHAHA *ahem* :P

I had some internet connection problems for a while and had to send the laptop to a family friend to get that fixed up. I'm going to have to get AIM back (or bettter yet get AIM and YIM both on Pidgeon, that allows me to connect to both with the same software). For some reason this old laptop won't let me have AIM and YIM on their two original separate things...

I'm also going to have to redownload my chosen video converter that works and the codecs that will allow me to finish my AMV. I'll try to get those back later tonight or possibly Saturday night.

Writing, writing, writing loads this week. Not just with Collide, but I'm planning to write chapter 2 of my scarier story, Crawl! Because it's October, the month of Halloween. I wanna get my thrills and chills. XD

I already did something for the detective L Lawliet from the Death Note fandom, for his birthday, lol. I introduced him in depth on my latest finished chapter of Collide. I WRITE L AWESOMELY! Really, I surprised myself when I first wrote about him... I hope he'll get a chance to be around again soon, before he meets my "Sim" of an original character. 8D

Perhaps over the weekend I'll say hi to some peeps on the friends list. Have a good one, everyone.
In fact I shouldn't be thinking too much about my other, more newer fic I titled as Crawl. My author notes reveal the story behind why I started writing it. As INTENSE AND SCARY GOOD as that one is (seriously--HOLY CRAP), as well as challenging, I know I won't be able to stop if I just go ahead and start the next chapter. I intend to update Collide more anyway! As tempting as that think ahead and plot on Crawl, I should continue with the 12th chapter of Collide! Got to remember how awesomely I write in L's POV! Tomorrow, when I go back to work I'll be rereading and finishing up on that first part.

I've got the next Death Note anime episode downloaded, number 30, to take clips for the AMV. I'll do that sometime after I eat something and take my shower.

I'll catch up on a few of you right now. By the way I wonder what happened to Tahlia (bogan_girl) and Drew (leolorian). I haven't heard from either of them in over a month! They're both awesome people and I miss them! I hope they're doing allright. I also miss hearing from Anja roven75. Hope she's doing ok too! If I still don't hear from her, I'll try sending her an email...

New awesome person I found by the way, through lezier; sayuri2023! I welcome her to my friends list.

Oh, and my dad is feeling much better. Whatever kind of bad bug it was he had, it's all gone. He can eat solid foods again and go outside in the backyard to work out a bit. Also he can get to go out and help people stay sober in his AA meetings. I'm very glad for him.

Have a good one, everybody!
Still been very much into the Creative Zone! I got the invite and now I'm posting "Collide" not only on but Archive Of Our Own as well. No one's left me kudos or feedback just yet. *shrug* Perhaps it will take a while for AO3 to cotton on with the epic-ness of the story?

I got a large chunck of chapter 11 written for it! My main OC, or Sim Mari as I call her... Her paranoia is progressively getting worse now. She's freaking out some on a what if: What if her family was somewhere else where in Death Note Earth?? Oh dear. Still rooting for AU Light (*cuddles this adorable muse*), his (badass) dad, Aizawa, and even Matsuda of DN Earth to try and sway her to decide to get out of her self entrappment. Go them! Save her from herself!

See, she reasonably fears what she knows about the Death Note fandom, a lot, and is being OH so careful not to have AU Light become Kira or someone else go crazy and become Kira that would lead to dying of a heart attack or worse... She feels the only two people she could trust all the way, without her life being in danger, is L and Watari.

But this safe plan won't work out.

I've also been aiming to finally get my AMV done. The music vid is about 60% done now! I've finished up to the really challenging part that comes next. I'm making mini clips out of the episodes I want footage of for the crazy-good bridge ending part, cramming as many of the characters in the Mello and Near arc and chaotic stuff as I can to the tempo. OMG that will be intense and awesome!! Also, of course, frustrating because Windows Movie Maker sometimes freezes up a few times and I have to close it down then open it back up. I click the floppy disc button or go Ctrl+S to SAVE A LOT so I don't have to trim certain video footage and edit it the way I want all over again...

Apart from that altogether Mom and I have been concerned about Dad's health lately. He can't eat and digest much solid food without throwing it up. He's been mostly drinking Gatorade and napping this week. I think Dad said he got sick after eating a sub sandwhich from Subway? I wonder if that's what made him sick? I don't know. I ate the rest of it for lunch yesterday and I feel fine. :/ I hope Dad feels better sometime soon!

I'll see about catching up with some of you when I can, when I got less stuff to do.

Oh and I got a new LJ buddy! corone :) Welcome.

Some New Things Going on With Me

- I decided to be bold with my Death Note story "Collide". I uploaded it onto last week. Full Summary up to 7 finished chapters so far. Normally I don't upload much of my stories onto my account there because I have gotten so peeved over a mod removing any of them. I mean, I put hours and hours into my writing, being perfectionistic about it. To see others messing with it or removing any of it ticks me off. Automatically.

Turns out I made a great decision, because a handful of people love it! At least up to 10 readers/fans. I'm clearly doing something right in how I'm developing the plot of Collide. Like--check out all that positive feedback under Reviews! All of this I got within about a week. I love my readers. I do try to interact with them and read their written works if it interests me. Also, their excitment I absorb and get excited and motivated to keep going with this story. :D Got a good start on the 8th chapter today!

- I have the most awesome mom ever. Before I say why, I wish more people could say that about their moms, and that they would care and love them, not project on them or put them down. That depresses me, mostly. :( It's just not fair or right...

Mom got me 5 CDs for 5 dollars while she was at this clearance sale thing at a local library; Red Jumpsuit Apparatus's "Don't You Fake It" (love this one, I am hooked on this band), The No Doubt CD I've been listening to (it's decent so far, like some more than others), Switchfoot's "Nothing is Sound" (can't go wrong with Switchfoot!), a Stone Temple Pilots CD (pretty good), and a Smashmouth CD I've yet to listen to.

- A good start to my week, work-wise. Sold a few books, and someone donated me some nice paperbacks. :)

I'll see about catching up with more of you on my friend's list soon!


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